Herbal Vaporizers - A Lower-Risk Alternative To Smoking

There are millions upon millions of daily smokers in the United States today. The topic of whether or not tobacco and other herbal products should be consumed is highly debatable, but for those who continue to puff away on a regular basis anyway there is an alternative method of consumption that is a much lower health risk than smoking.

People have been smoking all types of herbs and plants for thousands of years but the method of vaporization is fairly new and is just starting to become more popular. Herbal vaporizers were invented as an alternative means for consuming various herbs. The act of smoking is known to be bad for your health and there is a high risk of developing cancer, emphysema and many other conditions after years and years of smoke inhalation.

The purpose of a vaporizer is to release the active ingredients of an herb without combusting the material and making smoke. Every herb has a specific temperature at which the materials are combusted and the active ingredients, along with many carcinogens and tar, are released. A vaporizer is designed to heat an herb to a temperature below at which it would combust, which releases the active ingredients of the substance into a water vapor. The water comes from inside the herb and when it is vaporized it is released along with the active elements. The benefit of vaporizing is that the herb is never burned or combusted so over 95% of the tar and carcinogens normally released when smoking are not released in the vapor.

The other function of a vaporizer, besides heating the herb to the ideal temperature, is to catch the vapor for easy inhalation. There are many vaporizers on the market and each has its own method of capturing the vapor, but the best herbal vaporizer gathers the vapor into a bag or balloon that you then detach and inhale from.

Vaporizing can take a little while to get used to, especially if you're a heavy smoker, but the reduced health risks cannot be ignored and herbal vaporizers are sure to become increasing popular in the years ahead. Plus, if you just don't care about being healthy vaporizers cut down on the amount of herb needed to feel an effect, so you'll save plenty of money also.


Jen said...

Great article thank you, i'm really starting to get into vaporizing now, haven't tried the volcano yet but hopefully soon i can afford one.